Introducing REACH COMPLIANT AND DMF FREE Desiccant Silica Gel / Bead Gel in various types of packets for moisture protection in export packing.

    Desiccant Silica Gel in paper packets comes in 0.5,1,2,5,10 gm sizes.
    Desiccant Silica Gel in Tyvek packets comes in 25,50 gm sizes.
    Desiccant Silica Gel in pp non-woven packets in 500 gm size.
    Desiccant Bead Gel in Tyvek packets comes in 0.5,1,2,5 gm sizes
    Desiccant Bead Gel in transparent packets comes in 0.5,1,2,5 gm sizes.

    Above products adsorbs minimum 25-30% moisture from the air at 100% RH and at 15°C for 90 days.

    In one cubic meter packed export goods we recommend 1 kg of Silica Gel or Bead Gel packets of different sizes.

    Silica Gel is an amorphous form of silicon dioxide, which is synthetically produced in the form of hard irregular granules (having the appearance of crystals). A micro porous structure of interlocking cavities gives a very high surface area. It is this structure that makes silica gel a high capacity desiccant. The beauty of silica gel is the physical adsorption of water vapour into its internal pores. There is no chemical reaction, no by products or side effects. Even when saturated with water vapour, Silica Gel still has the appearance of a dry product, its shape unchanged.

    Advantages of Silica Gel as a desiccant :

    Silica Gel has many other properties that recommend it as a desiccant. It will adsorb up to one third of its own weight in water vapour. This adsorption efficiency is approximately 35% greater than typical desiccant clays, making Silica Gel the preferred choice where weight or efficiency are important factors.

    It has an almost indefinite shelf life if stored in airtight conditions.

    It can be regenerated and re-used if required. Gently heating silica gel will drive off the adsorbed moisture and leave it ready for re-use. It is a very inert material, it will not normally attack or corrode other materials and with the exception of strong alkalis and hydrofluoric acid is itself resistant to attack. It is non-toxic and non-flammable. It is most frequently and conveniently used packed in a breathable packets. These are available in a wide range of sizes suitable for use with a wide range of applications.

    Standard white Silica Gel is referred to as being non-indicating. As it adsorbs moisture it remains physically unchanged. Non-indicating Silica Gel is both cheap and effective, available loose in bulk packs or packed in packets. Indicating Silica Gel are coloured Gels whose colour changes as they adsorb moisture.


    Introducing REACH COMPLIANT AND DMF FREE Desiccant in Tyvek packets for moisture protection in export packing. It is Calcium Chloride base product. 

    Desiccant Tyvek packets comes in 25,50,100,200,400 gm sizes.

    Desiccant Tyvek packets adsorbs upto 150% moisture or more from the air at 100% RH and at 15°C for 90 days.

    In one cubic meter of packed export goods we recommend 200 gm. of Desiccant Tyvek packet of different sizes. These Desiccant packets can be use inside master cartons and as well as in full container load packing. For full container load packing we recommend 10 kg in 20 feet container and 20 kg in 40 feet container. 



    Introducing REACH COMPLIANT AND DMF FREE Super Desiccant in Tyvek packets for moisture protection in export packing.

    Super Desiccant comes in 1,2,5 gm sizes.
    Super Desiccant in Tyvek packets adsorbs up to 400% moisture or more from the air at 100% RH and at 15°C for 90 days.

    Benefit of Super Desiccant  : It was notice that no liquid was formed during moisture adsorption process.

    How to test whether the product is Super Desiccant ?

    Take out the Super Desiccant powder from the packet and pore the Super Desiccant powder into the glass full of water. After few minutes’ water will turn into gel. (for example - appx. 2 gm of Super Desiccant in a full glass of water)

    In one cubic meter of packed export goods we recommend only 50 to 75 gm. of Super Desiccant packets of different sizes.


    Introducing REACH COMPLIANT AND DMF FREE Imported Anti-Mold green colour Stickers for preventing molds and fungus in export packing.

    Anti-Mold Stickers comes in reel form having individual size of 5 cm x 2.5 cm. The Anti-Mold stickers are made in state of art machinery and environment. This is basically consisting of chemicals which starts emitting when placed in the package. They emit vapours which helps to confine the growth of mold and fungus. These vapours attack the fungi and bacteria and kills them and thus avoid the growth of the same. These Anti-Mold stickers are made of harmless and non-toxic chemicals

    In one cubic foot we recommend 5 to 12 pcs depending up to the type of products.


    Introducing Moisture Absorber Box for moisture protection in all types of household products 

    We offer 50 gm Moisture Absorber Box having dimension of 6”x5”x1” and 200 gm Moisture Absorber Box having dimension of 11”x6”x1” 

    These boxes are used in cabinets, cupboards, locker, store rooms, cameras, refrigerators, in expensive wears, leather items, electronics, jewellery, food, paintings & antique items, store rooms, surgical and hospital instruments / equipment, medicines, important documents / files in offices etc.

    Advantage :  After it absorbs moisture it turns into paste form hence leakage problem is very minimal. Moisture absorber box is easy to use and has low replacement cost.

    Procedure to use: We are packing Moisture Absorber box in double shrink plastic sealing, just punch the plastic where the holes are there on the top of the box and put the box where you need. 

    In 40 cubic feet use 1 pc of moisture absorber box


    Oxygen absorber are small sachets used to keep products safe from things like mold and extend shelf life by taking the oxygen out of a sealed package or help remove or decrease the level of oxygen in the package. They are used to help maintain product safety and extend shelf life. These oxygen absorbers can be found in many different types of things from pharmaceuticals to industrial metals, but probably the most common use for them is with food.  Also known as an oxygen scavenger, these sachets are tools that help to keep products fresh without all the unhealthy preservatives.

      Oxygen supports the growth of microorganisms and causes changes in colour and rancid odours in packaged foods. Plastic packaging is less able to exclude oxygen from packaged foods than are the older glass and metal containers. Oxygen absorbers absorb oxygen and effectively reduce the aerobic environment to 0% oxygen. Therefore aerobic bacteria and fungi are unable to grow in this environment. This will extend the shelf life of a food product drastically. The advantages of oxygen-absorbing sachets versus vacuum packaging are that the food products are not crushed or squeezed, as some products are of high value and are fragile, and its simplicity of use.

    Oxygen absorber can control aerobic microbial and bacteria growth by eliminating oxygen contains inside packaging, This oxygen absorber can decrease the oxygen in the air in the hermetic package to below 0.1% or less within 24 hours, thus achieve the goal of mildew proofing, vermin proofing and oxidation resistance. So that can extend shelf life of the product. Oxygen Absorber is safe to use, non-toxic and odourless. Keep freshness and taste of food when used with proper packaging and sealing.

    Oxygen Absorber comes in 20,50,100,200,1000 and 2000 cc for use in food packing to reduce the oxygen level.


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